LP 1
A1: Back Street Kids 
A2: You Won't Change Me 
A3: It's Alright 
A4: Gypsy 
B1: All Moving Parts (Stand Still) 
B2: Rock 'N' Roll Doctor 
B3: She's Gone 
B4: Dirty Women 
B5: LP2 New Mix Except 

LP 2
A1: Back Street Kids (Steven Wilson Mix) 
A2: You Won't Change Me (Steven Wilson Mix) 
A3: It's Alright (Mono Version) 
A4: Gypsy (Steven Wilson Mix) 
B1: All Moving Parts (Stand Still) (Steven Wilson Mix)
B2: Rock 'N' Roll Doctor (Steven Wilson Mix) 
B3: She's Gone (Steven Wilson Mix) 
B4: Dirty Women (Steven Wilson Mix) 
B5: LP3 Outtakes & Alternative Mixes 

LP 3 
A1: Back Street Kids (Alternative Mix) 
A2: You Won't Change Me (Alternative Mix) 
A3: Gypsy (Alternative Mix) 
A4: All Moving Parts (Stand Still) (Alternative Mix) 
B1: Rock 'N' Roll Doctor (Alternative Mix) 
B2: She's Gone (Outtake Version) 
B3: Dirty Women (Alternative Mix) 
B4: She's Gone (Instrumental Mix)
B5: LP4 Live World Tour 1976-77 (Part One)

LP 4
A1: Symptom of the Universe 
A2: War Pigs 
A3: Gypsy 
B1: Black Sabbath 
B2: All Moving Parts (Stand Still) 
B3: LP5 Live World Tour 1976-77 (Part One)

LP 5
A1: Dirty Women 
A2: Drum Solo/Guitar Solo
B2: Electric Funeral 
B2: Snowblind 
B3: Children of the Grave