LP 1 - Dire Straits
A1: Down To The Waterline
A2: Water Of Love
A3: Setting Me Up
A4: Six Blade Knife
A5: Southbound Again
B1: Sultans Of Swing
B2: In The Gallery
B3: Wild West End
B4: Lions

LP 2 - Communiqué
A1: Once Upon A Time In The West
A2: News
A3: Where Do You Think You’re Going?
A4: Communiqué
B1: Lady Writer
B2: Angel Of Mercy
B3: Portobello Belle
B4: Single-Handed Sailor
B5: Follow Me Home

LP 3 - Making Movies
A1: Tunnel Of Love
A2: Romeo And Juliet
A3: Skateaway
B1: Expresso Love
B2: Hand In Hand
B3: Solid Rock
B4: Les Boys

LP 4 - Love Over Gold
A1: Telegraph Road
A2: Private Investigations
B1: Industrial Disease
B2: Love Over Gold
B3: It Never Rains

LP 5 - Brothers In Arms
A1: So Far Away
A2: Money For Nothing
A3: Walk Of Life
A4: Your Latest Trick
B1: Why Worry
B2: Ride Across The River
B3: The Man’s Too Strong
B4: One World
B5: Brothers In Arms

LP 6 - On Every Street
A1: Calling Elvis
A2: On Every Street
A3: When It Comes To You
A4: Fade To Black
A5: The Bug
A6: You And Your Friend
B1: Heavy Fuel
B2: Iron Hand
B3: Ticket To Heaven
B4: My PartiesB5: Planet Of New Orleans
B5: How Long