Oplev alle de største Johnny Cash numre med "His Ultimate Top 40 Collection". Denne formidable opsamling byder på 40 nøje udvalgte numre fra en af historiens største rock/country musikere.


CD 1
01: A thing called love
02: She used to love me a lot
03: Kate ft. the tennessee three
04: The chicken in black
05: Flesh and blood
06: Wanted man
07: Man in black
08: Oney
09: Any old wind that blows
10: Ragged old flag
11: The lady came from baltimore
12: Look at them beans
13: One piece at a time
14: I would like to see you again
15: There ain't no good chain gang ft. waylon jennings
16: (ghost) riders in the sky
17: The baron
18: The general lee
19: Highway patrolman
20: Johnny 99
21: I will dance with you
22: Highwayman
23: Silver stallion

CD 2
01: A boy named sue (live)
02: San quentin (live)
03: If i were a carpenter ft. june carter
04: Daddy sang bass
05: Blistered
06: Long-legged guitar pickin' man ft. june carter
07: Jackson ft. june carter
08: The one on the right is on the left
09: The sons of katie elder
10: Orange blossom special
11: It ain't me babe ft. june carter
12: The ballad of ira hayes
13: Understand your man
14: The matador
15: Ring of fire
16: Bonanza!
17: Tennessee flat-top box
18: Five feet high and rising
19: I got stripes
20: Don't take your guns to town
21: Guess things happen that way
22: Ballad of a teenage queen
23: I walk the line
24: Big river