For tres år siden ramte Cliff Richard og The Shadows nr. 1 på hitlisten i England med sangen 'Travellin' Light'. Dette var den første single, der blev krediteret til Cliff Richard og The Shadows.

Dette bemærkelsesværdige jubilæum markeres med en splinterny 2CD-samling, der for første gang kun fokuserer på Cliff's udgivelser med The Shadows. Alle syv nr. 1 singler og yderligere seksten Top 10 hits er inkluderet, der går helt op til deres 2009-genforening; hvilket gør den til den mest omfattende Cliff Richard & Shadows-opsamling til dato.

CD 1       
01: Move It
02: Living Doll
03: Dynamite
04: Fall in Love with You
05: Mean Streak
06: A Voice In the Wilderness
07: High Class Baby
08: Theme for a Dream
09: Livin’ Lovin’ Doll
10: I Love You
11: Never Mind
12: A Girl Like You
13: Nine Times out of Ten
14: The Next Time
15: The Time In Between
16: It's Wonderful to Be Young
17: Blue Turns to Grey
18: Gee Whiz Its You
19: Don’t Talk to Him
20: Travellin’ Light
21: Bachelor Boy
22: My Blue Heaven
23: It'll Be Me
24: Blueberry Hill
25: Lucky Lips
26: Poor Boy
27: I'm Walking the Blues
28: Do You Wanna Dance
29: Tea for Two
30: Summer Holiday
31: Please Don’t Tease

CD 2       
01: Say You're Mine
02: Frenesi
03: The Young Ones
04: I Could Easily Fall
05: I’m the Lonely One
06: She's Gone
07: On The Beach
08: Unchained Melody
09: What'd I Say
10: All I Do Is Dream
11: Finders Keepers
12: You Don’t Know
13: In The Country
14: D In Love
15: Don’t Forget to Catch Me
16: Time Drags By
17: Into Each Life Some Rain
18: Willie and the Hand Jive (Live)
19: A Forever Kind of Love
20: Singing the Blues
21: All Shook Up (Live)
22: C'Mon Everybody
23: Why Wasn't I Born Rich
24: You and I
25: The Day I Met Marie (Live)
26: Sea Cruise
27: Your Eyes Tell on You
28: Shame on You
29: We Say Yeah