LP 1:
A1: Twin Peaks Theme 
A2: American Woman
A3: Laura Palmer's Theme 
B1: Accident/Farewell Theme 
B2: Grady Groove

LP 2:
A1: Windswept (Reprise) 
A2: Dark Mood Woods/The Red Room 
B1: The Chair
B2: Deer Meadow Shuffle 

LP 3:
A1: Threnody To The Victims Of Hiroshima - Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra / Rowicki, Witold 
A2: Slow 30's Room - Lynch, David / Hurley, Dean
A3: The Fireman

LP 4:
A1: Saturday (Instrumental)
A2: Headless Chicken 
A3: Night 
A4: Heartbreaking 
B1: Audrey's Dance 
B2: Dark Space Low