Forever er et opsamlingsalbum af det britiske rockband Queen.

Albummet indeholder 3 nye, tidligere uudgivne sange, inklusiv den fantastiske duet "There Must Be More To Life Than This" med Michael Jackson.

Forever kom på hylderne i 2014 og byder på materiale fra perioden 1973 op til albummets udgivelse.

01: Let Me in Your Heart Again
02: Love Kills (The Ballad)
03: There Must Be More to Life Than This (W. Michael Jackson)
04: It's a Hard Life
05: You're My Best Friend
06: Love of My Life
07: Drowse
08: Long Away
09: Lily on the Valley 10 Don't Try So Hard
11: Bijou
12: These Are the Days of Our Lives
13: Las Palabras De Amor (The Words of Love)
14: Who Wants to Live Forever
15: A Winter's Tale
16: Play the Game
17: Save Me
18: Somebody to Love
19: Too Much Love Will Kill You
20: Crazy Little Thing Called Love